Tarot card reading

Tarot card reading is the practise of using Tarot Cards to gain insight into the Past Present and drawing and interpreting Cards.

The newest member of our Astrokavach team is Rina Bhalla, a renowned Tarot Card reader. Each person’s entree into the world of Tarot is different and her’s came at very later stage on her Life with full blessing of her Sadguru Shri Mauni Baba..

Renowned & Celebrity Astrologer Astro Dino was her instrument and Inspiration all along her journey to self Divination . Under his guidance, Focus and analysis Rina Bhalla ji was able to fulfill her dreams into reality. He guided her through Meditation to enhance her Intution .

She has always been fascinated by the deck of 78 Cards unfolding mystical life experiences and expectations in a very ancient and unique manner. The main instrumentation in interpreting these cards is Intution .

The simple and straightforward solutions from them drew her so passionately toward them. Rina Bhalla also strongly believed if this was meant for her then my Sadguru Shri Mauni Baba Ji will lay the foundation for me to toe the line ..
Tarot is a sort of Mystical connection, which makes people open up to its charm and resonate with its readings very easily..

If you are not able to solve a particular problem in your life or need a support to make a decision Tarot Card Reader Rina Bhalla can help you and guide you to right direction. You can ask your questions to get clarity..

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Write any Question to us, Tarot Card Reader Rin Bhalla will answer to your Question