Durga Pujan

Durga puja

In this Pujan the Goddess is worshipped in her various forms like Durga Lakshmi etc. Blessings will be attained by all its auspicious forms. It will give happiness and prosperity to her devotees and will resolve each and every problem from life. Astro Kavach team will provide proper assistance along with that they arrange the Pujan for worshipping all the nine forms of maa.


  • All the health problems will be cured.
  • It will protect you from your enemies.
  • This auspicious Pujan will attract positivity in your life.
  • If you are suffering from any black magic that will be cured also.
  • Maa Durga will protect your family and you from every problem.
  • As it is said that “कोई बाल भी बांका नहीं कर पाएगा” if you are blessed by divine power.


The time will be auspicious which will be provided by Guru Ji to ensure that best results could come out.


  • Astro kavach under the guidance of GuruJi will organize the pujan by following a proper procedure.
  • Your name along with your Gotra and father’s name will be included in Sankalp through a telephonic mode of communication before the pujan starts.
  • Two experienced Pandit Ji (Priest) will perform the Pujan for you.
  • Proper Samagri will be arranged and the Chanting will be done.
  • Dashan’s Hawan will also be done by the Pandit Ji to ensure that you gain 100% results of the Pujan.
  • A Proper peaceful environment will be created for the priest to perform the Jaap and Hawan efficiently.
  • Holy Jaap will be included in the pujan by following a proper procedure for the required time duration.
  • “Fal Samarpan” along with “Ashirwaad Vachnam” will be done on the telephone by the Priest and GuruJi.

Organized for Durga Puja- Rs. 11,000

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Bank- IDBI bank

Branch- Kota Rajasthan