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Financial Horoscope June 2020 to December 2020

Its time to get clarity regarding your finances.

During the major part of the year, the injured Jupiter will have an effect on the 2nd house, which is the house of finance. Jupiter will provide positive vibrations and therefore it will also have a positive impact on the finances. Astro Dino says that from the mid of May, however, Jupiter turns retrogade. In September again it goes direct. So, as per the Aries horoscope, this is not a good time to take major financial decisions as it will negatively impact your finances.
Astro Tip: Treating the women of your house with respect will attract wealth.

As per the financial horoscope of 2020, the Taurus individuals will have a very good year. By the end of this year, the financial condition will surely be much stronger. By the end of June, Jupiter will return to the state of retrograde. Astro Dino says that till September, the time will be a little slow in every aspect. But after September, you will surely get a lot of relief.
Astro Tip: In order to please the Goddess of wealth, make donations in white.


The year 2020 will be a good year for you in terms of your finances. Some very good chances of acquiring money will be created. Astro Dino says that fund investment will be beneficial for you this year. The month of September will be a very crucial month for you as during this time both Saturn as well as Jupiter will turn progressive. By November end you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the various planetary transits. Astro Kavach will help in improving your conditions.
Astro Tip: Never use or keep broken vehicles in the house.


This year will bring in some mixed results for you in terms of your finances. You can invest money in property. Astro Dino says that for individuals who have been interested in buying a house or a car can do so this year. You might face some financial hardships in the middle of the year. Therefore try to save some money. Do not invest money in the mid of September. After September, you will start getting good benefits from your invested money.
Astro Tip: Feeding the cow with green grass every Wednesday will be helpful.


In terms of your finances, you will not be lacking in funds at all this year. You will be getting very good returns on your investments. This will improve your financial conditions. Mercury is the lord of wealth and it is also the lord of your zodiac. It is present in your 5th house along with the Sun. From the 5th house, it will be able to view the 7th house, that is regarded as the house of profits. Astro Dino says that in the month of December, the progression of both Jupiter as well as Saturn will provide you with economic strength.
Astro Tip : If you place a mirror in front of the cash locker, it will attract wealth.


This year will be a good year for you in terms of your monetary gains. This is because, this year Venus, which is the ruler of the 2nd house of your zodiac is sitting with Mars. Astro Dino says that by the end of September, you will find yourself in quite a strong position financially. The best astrologer will be able to guide you well with your horoscope.

Astro Tip : Try to donate a portion of your income each month in charity and this will improve your financial condition.

This year will give you mixed results in terms of the finances. Your expenses will increase, however, since Mars is in the second house, so it will also improve your financial condition. If there is a pending case regarding ancestral property, even then the decision will come in your favor. Astro Dino says that this year, Venus is sitting in the 4th house of your zodiac. This will increase your comfort level. So avoid taking hasty decisions.
Astro Tip: If the lady of the house puts a tumbler of water every day near the entrance then it will certainly help in improving the financial condition.


This year will be a good year in terms of finances. Jupiter us the Lord of wealth and Mercury is the lord of profit. They are together sitting with Ketu, Saturn and the Sun in the 2nd house. This will create a good flow of money. Astro Dino says that on 20th of November, Jupiter will go back to Capricorn and this will bring you good luck.

Astro Tip : After taking a bath each day, offer prayers to Goddess Laxmi and also put a saffron tilak on your forehead.

This will be an excellent year for you in terms of your finances. This is because Saturn is the lord of wealth and is present in its place. Jupiter is also maintaining a proper alliance with Saturn. This will help you to get unexpected property and ancestral wealth. In the second week of September, ketu moves from the 1st house to the 8th house. This will increase your expenses. At this time you should avoid financial transactions. Astro Dino says that after the progression of Saturn, circumstances will change. that over all 2020 is a good year for you.

Astro Tip : If you place the kuber yantra on the red piece of cloth in your place of worship, then it will improve your finances.

This year your finances will increase and you will be able to make a huge profit. Saturn itself is the owner of the2nd house and mars is the owner of the 11th house. It is sitting in its own place, therefore, your financial condition will improve each day. On the 23rd of September, rahu will come in the 5th place. This can cause a little trouble and you can be a little stressed about money. Astro Dino says that on 20th of November, Jupiter will get back to Capricorn.

Astro Tip : Never earn money through false means.

This year there is a high possibility of your expenses to increase. But Venus is in the 12th house that will help in balancing out the money. It is highly recommended that you keep a check on your expenses. Astro Dino says that Over all this year will be relatively good.

Astro Tip: On one Friday every month donate yellow garments and some money to three unmarried girls. You can also feed them kheer. This will certainly improve the finances.

This is going to be a good year for the pisces individuals in terms of money. Mars, the lord of wealth is sitting in its own place. This will increase your chances of receiving a large amount of money. During this time, the expenses will also increase. Astro Dino says that on 23rd of September, Rahu will change and this will improve your income.

Astro Tip : Never avail any service free of cost.

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