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Solar Eclipse June 2020- Effects and Precautions

A solar eclipse is when the moon obstructs the light of the sun coming to the earth. This happens when all the three Sun, Moon, and Earth are in alignment. Astrologically,speaking this conjunction has a vital role to play in the current scenario. We all are dreading the speed of the novel Coronavirus. The global effect of the pandemic has left
the economies in a terrible state. However, I, Astro Dino, believe that the solar eclipse to take place on June 21, 2020, will have a major role to play.
The eclipse will take place on June 21 at 9:15 AM in parts of North India. The full visibility of the eclipse will be at 10:17 AM to 2:02 PM. It will happen at 0° Cancer 21′, Punarvasu Nakshatra.

Effect of Solar Eclipse- June 2020
This annual eclipse is dreaded by mankind for different reasons. However, these are all myths spoon-fed by the media. Today we will discuss in detail what and how this conjunction will be a turning point in our now stagnant lives. It is predicted that after the solar obstruction there will be 6 major planets that will go retrograde. The implications of these movements will be both positive as well as negative. The good news is that we will see a large dip in the number of COVID 19 infections across the globe. We will slowly and gradually start overcoming the virus. Nevertheless, the bad news is that the
economy will be in a miserable state by then, it will only start reviving from the month of July.
After the solar eclipse the two planets Jupiter and Venus will start moving straight. Thus, the current retrograde state of these planets has created havoc across the globe. But we can see a phase of happy days from the 25th of June. Venus implies health and prosperity, so we can see a major development in the medical sector. A new vaccine or drug invention may give us relief from Coronavirus. Jupiter will move from Capricorn to Sagittarius opening doors to marriages. There will be 8 auspicious marriage dates in the month of June. Individuals having Manglik dosha in their kundali should consider marrying on these available dates.

Do’s and Don’ts during Solar Eclipse
● According to scientists and astrologers, the eclipse should not be viewed with
naked eyes. The harmful rays of the sun and moon can damage the eyes.
● Pregnant women should avoid stepping out of the house.
● It is advised not to cook or consume food during that time. If you have cooked
food then add basil leaves so that it doesn’t get spoiled.
● One should avoid making important business deals or even traveling during this
● Also make sure not to bathe or else it may pose malefic effects.
● Meditation and chanting mantras will increase the vibrations. Conducting a pooja
or havan will also yield the desired result.

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