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Your October 2020 Horoscope

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Your energy, effectiveness, charisma, cheerfulness, and sense of timing are still tops although inner searching or the need to deal with governments, charities, or NGOs still exists for you this month, Aries. You\’re in a quandary about a special relationship, when this person draws you or reveals what he/she is up to. This relationship dilemma might lead you back, by next month and the following one, to a former insight, a secret, or a counselor, in any case, your quandary will be solved, your doubts erased before October ends says, Astro Dino.

 Tip of the Month– Take care of your mental health


According to the October horoscope, you must Lie low, conserve energy, and contemplate your future for this month, Taurus. And your existence, plans for the future, everything needs a better perspective for now. You could befriend an advisor or confidence now but be wary of enemies masquerading as friends. You will know these by their violent edge. You might have been drawn into governmental, institutional, spiritual, lustful, or secret arenas over the last two months. If you have been ethical and honest in these, stay the course; there could be a great benefit through this October. Romantic and creative notions add pleasure if not a success. Tackle chores mid-month. Exciting, lucky meetings arrive around the month-end.

Tip of the Month: Feed black dog


Your playful, social, optimistic mood continues according to Astro Dino. You are especially hopeful and friendly about or in career zones, which contradicts the economic landscape. But you often do well while others are failing and sometimes vice versa. Your wishes revolve around past contacts, loves, creative endeavors, and escapes, and these can come true. Higher-ups are temperamental most of October, so be soothing, careful, and keep a sense of humor. This month is smooth and easy and filled with bright, delicious hope. Travel, call, and write all these days. Rest, handle domestic issues with due diligence. Romance calls a mid-month. Tackle chores for the end of the month.

Tip of the Month: feed jaggery to the cow for 21 days


Be ambitious all this month, for best success, concentrate on old or former projects, contacts, and situations. This productive, smooth, go ahead month contains only one real challenge. It involves communications or travel, details or paperwork, but could escalate to two people angrily turning their backs on each other. Better to fade, than create an impasse. You are tempted to purchase something these days, wait. Your domestic scene, which can include real estate, faces a lucky outcome for now, but do not go in for high-value purchases. Romance, creative surges, and pleasure urge delight you as the month progresses.

Tip of the Month: spend some time with your family.


Astro Dino says a mellow mood wafts through your days this month, Leo. Your thoughts return to the past, to former travels or past loves past status positions to determine how you lost something, or how you got where you are. You want meaning, truth. One truth is that you often unwittingly combine status with friendship. Its an easy, smooth month ahead for you, but don’t buy major possessions or argue about money these days. Your libido is strong now, which can lead to a great sexual experience or shock this month or next. Do not gamble nor invest before the end of the month.

Tip of the month: Offer red flowers to Hanuman Ji on Tuesday.


State your case this month, Virgo. Otherwise, its an easy, smooth, productive month. Focus efforts on making changes and commitments to succeed in these, dip far into the past, to a former opportunity, lover, investment, etc. Its a melange, for past and present, are mixed almost inseparably. Full clarity will return by mid-late October. Meanwhile, research, dig deep into personal and financial zones as unexpected gems await you here. Your libido is fully cranked, but don’t let desires become irritations, fits of anger, even enmity. Be a little detached. Money lucky all this month. Good friends come in as the month ends says, Astro Dino.

Tip of the month: control your anger.


Relationships can breed opposition when your energy and instincts are unreliable or unity, opportunity, and luck likely, when your charisma and timing, luck, and grace take a nice step upward according to your October horoscope. You might be interested in a co-worker or a co-worker who might be challenging you. Be diplomatic; this could blow up soon. Even in non-sexual relationships, make love, not war. Talk someone into peace. You have been dreaming about a former attraction for weeks or months, contact him or her now, or forget it. The new will arrive soon. Money lucky all this October for Libra guys.

Tip of the Month: Drive carefully.


Your hopes rise this week, as flirtations, friends, entertainment, and fresh new possibilities arrive. A co-worker romance is possible. But present conditions are not stable, so don’t build your future on them. Delays in work and health zones will end about mid-month, so don’t start new projects before then. A former love or mate contemplates contacting you again or you hear soon. Retreat, rest, and plan for now. You could grab a prize if you deal with government agencies, NGOs, institutions, charities, or spiritualists or psychics these days. Make some viable contacts as the month ends says, Astro Dino.

Tip of the Month: Do not take any decision in a hurry.


This month is smooth and easy, though you might face some abrupt changes or challenges in career and home areas for now. Romantic, creative, speculative, sports, teaching, and pleasure interests ride a wave of success. The days are gentle, wise, but not much gets done. Entertainment, flirtations, social delights, and new, optimistic goals please you through the month, and a wish could come true. Retreat, rest and contemplate, you will make great progress in governmental, institutional, and spiritual, therapeutic contacts and these might give you a boost in family, security, or realty matters as the month moves on.

Tip of the Month: Take care of your health


The accent for the month ahead falls on home, retirement, security, kids, real estate, sales territory, food which are the basics of life. Any indecision here will dissolve within a week or two before then, a great opportunity might reappear from the past: e.g., another chance to buy or sell that house or a long lost family member reappears, etc. You will be talking about these things, or traveling to enact them says, Astro Dino. This is a good time to discuss ending old things and new beginnings with family members. The days are romantic, creative, and pleasurable. Be ambitious all month long.

Tip of the Month: Water the sun.


This smooth, easy month accents travel, conversations, details, paperwork, and errands. You will receive affectionate responses and someone remembers you. But all this activity can distract you about money, letting it flow like water through your fingers. Collect it where you can, then keep your fist closed, be especially careful around the middle of the month, when a large investment, debt, purchase, or commitment even sexual commitment could impact your fortunes in unexpected ways, maybe good, but probably not. Wisdom, gentle love, intellectual and cultural affairs, legal and far travel matters succeed. Be ambitious all this month.

Tip of the Month: Talk thoughtfully


You should Chase and remit money, especially from old sources e.g. unpaid invoices, former employers, tax refunds, etc says, Astro Dino. Relationships can produce social, even love laden meetings these days, but dealings with others can be good or bad for now. Be diplomatic, accepting, friendly, but remain cautious about commitment. You can commit wholly and fortunately, with deeply good prospects through the month ahead. These days reward research. Do look beneath surfaces, seek intimacy, find hidden gems as they exist. Love, wisdom, travel, higher education, and cultural affairs go well as the month unwinds.

Tip of the month: offer water on lingam on Monday.

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