‘Naam’ in Sanskrit means ‘name’ and ‘Karan’ means ‘to create’. Naamkaran is the ceremony that is performed to name a newborn baby or maybe a new business. However, it is essential to choose a name that is favorable to the Nakshatras and the cosmos.

Zodiac is a 360-degree mythical belt encircling the cosmos. Vedic astrology uses many divisions of a horoscope, of which the ‘Sign’ and ‘Nakshatra’ are the two most important ones. Zodiac is divided into 27 equal parts, and each of them is referred to as a Nakshatra.

A name should be chosen according to relevant Nakshatra and NakshatraPada.

When the name of the baby is based on deep analysis of the horoscope and birth-chart than it will provide a good impact on his/her future and bless the infant with success and prosperity. The name of the baby is given on the basis of his/her horoscope but today most of the people in our society give the name to the infant on the basis of how it sounds. But according to our Sanskriti, the name must be given which has some meaning and relevance to god and many people still want to give the name to their baby in relevance to their Horoscope, Nakshatra and the Gender.

Astrologer and Spiritual Coach Mr Dino Deepchandani will study the birth-time, Nakshatra and then with the relevance of planetary position he will seek forward to suggest a name or a word. He always does a satisfactory study for their clients.

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