Many people in the world don’t have enough money to purchase healthy food for their families. Prasadam is trying to provide food to those individuals who are starving because of hunger. When we started this campaign, we decided to create happiness on the faces of poor and needy people. Feeding someone with your hand and seeing the smiling faces is the most significant achievement in the world.                                                                 

We are trying to continue the Prasadam in the long run. Right now, we are arranging it on weekends, but our vision is to provide food to as many people as we can and as often as we can.

The founder of PRASADAM, is a social activist Sakshi Deepchandani who has taken the initiative of providing food to hungry people on the street. It is a very significant initiative taken by her and her team. The Astro Kavach is supporting Miss Sakshi in her initiative.

Journey begins……

The first campaign of prasadam was started on 9th March. The location of the inauguration of this social event was Lucky Brij, Kota. The team has launched this campaign by serving food to several needy people. It was a great pleasure to serve so many people and receive their blessings.

Feed the needy and experience satisfaction through your heart!

Our team:

There are many volunteers in our team who have worked hard since the inaugural of the initiative. The number of people in the team is less, but we are sure that many people will join our team after seeing the great results.                                         

  • We welcome everyone to join us and try to contribute to this social task. Those who want to feel the happiness of serving others can contact us. The feeling of helping and feeding people by your hands gives great pleasure.
  • If you want to become a volunteer with the Prasadam team, please contact Astro Kavach. We welcome all who wish to do something for society.
  • People want to get healthy food, but due to poverty, they can’t afford it. Hence, in our campaigning, we fed poor people and small kids. The smile on the faces of those people brings self-satisfaction to us.

Miss Sakshi Deepchandani says, “After completion of this campaigning, I felt relaxed and happy.It was a great pleasure to see happy and satisfied faces. The team has received the blessing from those poor people and the feeling is unexplainable.

Giving food will help you to get the blessing of those smiling faces!

Indian Culture teaches us to help others!

We are living in a country where are ancestors always given advice of helping others. Not only for humanity but to feel the feeling of selflessness.

Now, if we talk about Gurudwara’s and other temple in India then almost at every place you will find Langer facility. Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji always guides their children to feed people. The Gurudwara concept was started by Guru’s who always say that “If you want to worship God then Help & feed poor. Never say no when someone ask for food from you. Less or more the contribution is always a contribution.”

We are donating & serving food to homeless people!

One day! One meal! One Astro Kavach! Team initiative!

Helping food for hunger helps a lot of poor people to eat healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. Joining the team in the campaign and serving food would be a great initiative.

Help! Care! Food! Society! Our Earth! Our Responsibility!

Facts & fight of hunger!

India is known as the largest growing population, and the number is multiplying daily. It is very tough for the government to take care of people every time.


  • The government can’t provide healthy food for every individual. Therefore as human beings, it is our responsibility to help our fellow brothers and sisters.
  • We all are living together on the same Earth. Therefore, it is our responsibility to take care of each other.
  • From a population of 1.3 billion people, 190 million people are not getting healthy food. It means approximately 15% of society is undernourished.
  • We all know that undernourishment leads to many diseases in the future. It will harm the body of an individual.
  • Therefore, it is the right of every individual to get proper food to eat. Now, it is the responsibility of every citizen to help each other and get healthy food to eat.

How to move forward?

  1. Now, after the campaign of 9th March, our next step is to decide other campaigns and social awareness activities.


  1. After stepping forward now, it’s important to create awareness among people about healthcare providers and organizations.


  1. We are trying to reach more people from village areas or in the city slums. We are also looking forward to help the children who want to study and get a proper education. The initiative is still under planning.


  1. First, we have to make this PRASADAM campaign a success. Then we could move ahead.

Help! Care! Food! Society!

Our Earth! Our Responsibility!

The credit will not be given to an individual as it is teamwork and everyone is working with their heart and soul. Astro Kavach is trying to promote Prasadam by supporting Miss Sakshi Deepchandani as she always involves herself in many social activities.
She tries to find the best ways to help people who are in need. Therefore, it will be a significant step in moving forward to help the poor people.

We would love to know more about the people and their struggles while working for the poor. It is not easy to take this campaign to the national level. But, we will try to promote PRASADAM event to more people.

Thank you to the team of PRASADAM who worked hard to make this initiative a success.We will work further to help poor people.

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