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Astro Dino Deepchandani

The Advisor, Protector, and Healer

Astrology is a combination of science and art and a proper interpretation of facts about the position of celestial bodies. It is often believed that any problem in an individual’s life can be solved using astrology.

Dino deepChandani has fourteen years of experience in the field of astrology.  He has been successfully guiding thousands of people who have entrusted him with their life’s decisions. To his credit, he has many clients from foreign countries like the United States of America, Nepal, Australia, Indonesia, India, Dubai to name a few. He is well known in astrological circles and also performs the core services of spiritual healing for his clients.

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14+ Years of experience, we have built man to man relationships and also have given the best solutions for any situation/problems.

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One Question Analysis

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14+ Years of experience, we are build man to man relationship and also give a best solution of any situation/problems.


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Without a doubt, there is no comparison of AstroKavach when it comes to Astrology industry. They have evolutionized everything with excellent customer service by having a controlled marketplace for best astrologers from India.

Gurdeep Chawla


Predictions go a long way in shaping our future and our lives ..We all need help when we are going through a rough patch of events in our lives.
In my tough times , when I needed guidance and solution Dinoji was my pillar of hope and strength . He correctly analysed the predictions of my stars but also provide me with simple , easy and practical remedies to overcome my hurdles .
He is definitely a Master in his field (believe me I have consulted a numerous number of other astrologers too) and yet very polite and down to earth man. You can communicate any thing that is bothering you no matter how small it is and he will give you a solution to get your peace and serenity back. His remedies provide you with fast and effective positive solutions ..
I highly recommend anyone how is going through and stress or uncertainty in their lives to have faith and call him you will not be disappointed that you did……

Rina bhalla

Bangalore, India

Getting my charts read by Deepji is any day better than any Therapies . First time when I went to him ,I knew he was a great reputation as and astrologer but later during the session I kept on crying as and when his predictions proceeded. It was like some one making me relive my life. That session was much more than a chart reading session. I was healed. Not knowing that he was healing me during the session too. That’s when I got to know his other side of being a great healer.
He is so intuitive and has a deep insight about his subject and yet has a very productive and a practical approach . His knowledge is vast about the Astrology and will suggest ways to overcome obstacles and works out a practical, easy to follow methods to a sure shot results.
The solutions , remedies and recommendations feel like are tailor made for you.

Col. Rajeev Singh


I felt an immense sense of comfort and relief from them myself.
He will make you very comfortable that you would not feel that you are talking to a stranger . The calmness in his manners will put belief and hope in your life .He is a friend in need not just any astrologer.
I am in no way advertising him but merely suggesting that you do give a try and see for yourself why people get so attached to him and come back again and again for a deeper sense of peace and potential

Dr Ranjeeta Bedi